Our Extended Family

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According to rover, Webaround Gaming was "the only booth at PAX South 2019 that did not put me to sleep."

In an industry where every body and their mothers are getting in on the practice of streaming, finding an affordable, official, and easy green screen solution has proven to be a daunting task. Fortunately, Webaround Gaming has pioneered an easy to set up and easy to pack green screen that has taken the world of Twitch by storm.

When someone thinks of a gaming chair, they imagine premium prices for (sometimes) high quality racing chairs adapted for the office, and rightly so. A majority of gamers spend an arm and a leg to obtain these staples for their gaming setups. OPSEAT sets out to change the dynamic by offering the same quality gaming chairs at a fraction of the cost.

Our stream team consists of multiple OPSEAT partners and they all vouch for the quality and pricing of their gaming chairs.